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Tropical Storm Ian: 9/24 8:00 am Update

Tropical Storm Ian has formed and has strengthened slightly with winds now sustained at 45 mph. This weekend, Ian will be entering an even better environment for development with relatively low wind shear and very warm ocean waters. This will give the storm the opportunity to intensify quickly to a hurricane. The environment is so conducive for tropical development that a major hurricane (Cat 3 or higher) is forecast by next week. The latest forecast cone has the storm moving through the western side of Cuba. Although there are some areas of higher terrain in this part of Cuba, it is not where the tallest mountains are. Furthermore, it is the narrowest part of Cuba which will minimize land interaction. The storm will have a chance to maintain its strength north of Cuba. If the storm is able to avoid a lot of land interaction, and slide through the Yucatan Channel, a stronger storm may be possible. It is too early to know how much rain, wind, and/or storm surge we will have next week. It is clear this will be a significant storm for some part of the eastern Gulf, but the specifics aren’t there yet.

The VIP Vacation Rentals Team is closing monitoring the storms track and development over the weekend and into next week, at which time more accurate forecasts will emerge. We will share updated information as it is made available to us.

If you are currently in residence, please closely monitor the below links and contact our office with any questions or concerns.

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